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In October of 2018, in an ages old “Naming Ceremony,” Robert Osborn was adopted into the Assiniboine Indian Tribe. The ceremony took place in Frazer, a small town on the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Reservation in Northeastern Montana.


BEGINNING DECEMBER 2018 the art portrait photography of Robert Osborn will be shown in the CREIGHTON BLOCK GALLERY in Big Sky, Montana.


The following is a direct link to a 45 minute podcast interview of Robert Osborn by Kirby Flanagan ( The interview is a behind-the-scenes discussion of how a number of Osborn’s recent portraits occurred and the processes that produced them.


If you are interested in reading a review of Robert Osborn’s book; “The Cowboys of Central Montana: 50 Portraits,” by Jonathon Blaustein, who manages to contort a review of an apolitical art book of portraits into a series of political talking points, enter the following into the Google search field: aPhotoEditor: This Week in Photography Books: Robert Osborn. Once you wade through Blaustein’s tirade of how the older generation has screwed up everything and how cows are destroying the world and how the younger generation are the only ones who can save us, there is actually a nice review of the book, albeit brief.


The following is a link to a brief but interesting interview of Robert Osborn about creating his cowboy book. The interview is by Emon Hasson, a New York photographer, writer, and movie producer: