ROBERT OSBORN has been making significant images in art and documentary photography for nearly half a century.

In Southern California in the early 1970s he was involved in the origination of the sport of BMX. Mix into this period a compelling passion to photograph and a talent for writing and you have most of the ingredients that resulted in his creation of BMX Action magazine in 1976 and Freestylin' magazine in 1984. His photography and writing during these years had a positive influence on an entire generation of young men and women worldwide; set the stage for the bicycle-oriented action sports of today; and contributed to the eventual inclusion of BMX racing into the International Olympic Games.

During the three decades since publishing these magazines he has been a large-format scenic photographer, a digital fine art photographer, a workshop instructor, and a lecturer on fine art photography and creative portraiture.

Eight years ago he began photographing the cowboys of Central Montana. This series of cowboy portraits was recently published as a beautiful art photography book (see the BOOK page on this website). Nearly two years ago he began photographing Montana Indians, which will be an art photography book in a few years.

In 2011 he opened the Robert Osborn Gallery of Fine Art Photography in Livingston, Montana, where he has lived for most of the last 20 years.